Activate Ticket

RegistrationStep 1

Registration Steps
  • 1
    Create a CellarPass account or login
  • 2
    Enter the 16-digit claim code (located on the card)
  • 3
    Complete the registration form
  • 4
    Once registered, you'll receive a confirmation email from CellarPass with additional information that will provide further instructions and helpful tips
activate card step 1

Common questions

Why Do I Have to Register?

Tickets are not valid until registered to your CellarPass account. Registering your ticket also provides the convenience of having easy access to view your ticket history.

I Can’t Locate My Activation or Claim Code

If you cannot locate your Activation or Claim Code, please contact the Event Organizer for more information. Their contact info can be found on the event’s information page located on or the confirmation email sent to you after your purchase.

Can I Give My Activation or Claim Code to Someone Else?

If you cannot attend the event, we recommend that you contact the Event Organizer prior to transferring any ticket to someone else as there may be limitations in doing so. Once an Activation code has been used, it cannot be transferred to another account.