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Women Owned Wineries

  • Mar 01, 2022
  • By Sydney Tanner, Local PNW Insider

Cheers to March, Women’s History Month...

Sustainable wine refers to the?farming and winemaking practices that winegrowers follow To meet ecofriendly standards and be certified sustainable, vineyards and wineries are required to have their farming practices reviewed and evaluated by an independent third party.


Why does this matter?


For wines to be called sustainable they must prove their winemaking process not only protects the environment but also supports social responsibility while maintaining economic feasibility and high-quality production.


 Myka Estates in the El Dorado wine region of northern California sums it up best by saying, “Sustainability is not about doing less harm, but about doing more good.  They continue to explain their values on their website by saying, “Sustainable farming is a pillar of our culture and philosophy. We care deeply about safeguarding the land our vineyards are grown on through environmentally responsible practices. We seek to conserve and value our natural resources, protect local wildlife and the ecosystem they thrive in, and ensure the safety, creative passion, and economic security of our staff.


Sustainable farming practices protect our soil, air, and water – these are the elements that breathe character and quality into our grapes. Being a steward of the land and a part of the community are principles of our winery lives. Our environmentally and socially responsible practices are an integral part of how we do business. It is our way of ensuring the health of our land, our community, and our winery for generations to come.


Utilizing sustainable practices in both our vineyards and our winery make for high quality wines and provide a better environment for employees, neighbors, and guests. Sustainable wine-growing can include biodynamic or organic farming practices. Sustainable practices can also include:


  • - cover crops, drip irrigation and process ponds to conserve water 

  • - composting, recycling, and reuse to minimize waste 

  • - protecting air and water quality 

  • - preserving local ecosystems and wildlife habitats 

  • - practicing environmentally preferred purchasing 


Check out the below featured properties that prioritize sustainability farming practices.

Murrieta's Well
Murrieta's Well


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