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Amador Vintners Renews Partnership with CellarPass

Amador Vintners renews alliance with CellarPass to provide key ticketing technology to run Behind the Cellar Door event.

January 11, 2023


CellarPass, the leading wine industry guest management platform is pleased to announce that the Amador Vintners has renewed their alliance with CellarPass to provide the ticketing and reservations technology to run their upcoming 2023 Behind the Cellar Door event taking place March 25th - March 26th 2023.

"CellarPass continues to provide the unique technology solutions that these complicated passport events require", says Jonathan Elliman, CTO + Co-Founder of CellarPass. This event is unique as it requires the ability for each property's capacity to be managed centrally through one interface. "By combining the best features of our ticketing and our passport technology, each property can declare their level of participation, number of seats, max groups size and so much more", continues Elliman.

Now as guests buy their tickets, they can also build their itinerary, providing a confirmation with each participating property, knowing their seats are reserved upon booking.

You can purchase tickets to the 2023 Amador Vintners Behind the Cellar Door, here.


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