Simplicity Prosciutto and Brie Sandwich


Simplicity Prosciutto and Brie Sandwich

  • Jul 27, 2022
  • By Vineyard Vixen

An elegant, yet simple sandwich for your next picnic...


1  Fresh baked baguette 

1/2 lb Prosciutto di Parma

1/2 lb Brie thinly sliced

4 tsp Sweet cream butter at room temperature

1 c Baby Arugula 

Salt & Pepper



Cut baguette in half to make two small loaves, then slice each loaf in half lengthwise.  Spread butter on each slice of bread.  Next sprinkle all over with salt & pepper.  On bottom halves, place 4 - 5 slices of brie and then layer with prosciutto, then top each half with arugula.  Place top slice of bread over the arugula and serve.

For pretty presentation, I like to wrap each sandwich in a little parchment paper leaving a letting the ends of the sandwich poke out on each side.  Then I secure the paper with a little butcher's twine.  


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