The Garagiste Festival- Paso Robles


The Garagiste Festival- Paso Robles

  • Oct 27, 2023
  • By The Silver Fox

The Garagiste Festival has always been about discovery and access to the best hard-to-find, micro-wineries in California (and beyond).

The Garagiste Festival has always been about discovery and access to the best hard-to-find, micro-wineries in California (and beyond). After all, it features rare, high-end, ultra-premium artisan wines being poured by the winemakers who created them -- not hired hands pouring mass produced supermarket wines. It's a unique and widely-awarded event known for quality.

And yet, here we are - The Garagiste Festival is now the best deal in the world of wine. And the most convenient, too. What happened?

The World Has Changed
In the 12 years since we began bringing cutting-edge, small-lot winemakers to an appreciative audience, the world of wine tasting has changed dramatically. Tasting fees that were once $5 or $10 (or even, gasp!, free) are now routinely $25 to $75 bucks a shot. And not only that, most wineries now require formal reservations for a specific period of time. Gone are the days of drifting like a feather on the breeze, following recommendations about which new winery to try next, or just stopping in to a place that catches your eye. Spontaneity is no longer much of an option, costs have skyrocketed, and the opportunity to discover new wineries through serendipity has evaporated.

What's the answer if you miss the olden days? The Garagiste Festival.

Go Back in Time
Think about it: A Grand Tasting ticket of just $79  is about what you would spend on just two or three (if you're lucky) tastings nowadays. Depending on the winery, maybe even less than a visit to a single winery. But with us, you can taste from 60 (!) wineries, all at your fingertips, all in one place. No driving around needed.

No Reservations Required
And you don't need reservations to do it. You are free to drift from table to table, hearing directly from the winemaker about their wines, their story, and their philosophy. You'll have the opportunity to taste a myriad of unusual grapes you've maybe only heard about, but never had a chance to try - and probably quite a few that you've never even heard of at all. Our events always showcase over 20 unique varietals, not counting blends. Talk about expanding your palate! It's a truly enlightening experience and one that will inform your wine knowledge for the rest of your life.


No 'Napatude' Found Here
The Garagiste Festival has always been known for its "No Snobs Allowed" atmosphere, and that's never gonna change. We frown on "Napatude," an apt term coined by our Co-Founder, Stewart McLennan. If you know, you know.

So venture back in time, enjoy the freedom to explore and discover a cornucopia of wines at your leisure, find some new favorites, meet some winemakers and maybe make a few new friends. We always do.

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