Top 10 Most Unusual Thanksgiving Dishes


Top 10 Most Unusual Thanksgiving Dishes

  • Nov 02, 2023
  • By The Vineyard Vixen

We've got our top no fail wine picks for your Thanksgiving feast. Plus we’re sharing the top 10 most unusual Thanksgiving dishes that may inspire and perhaps horrify you...

In the whimsical world of Thanksgiving cuisine, where turkey and pumpkin pie often take center stage, there exists a delightful realm of culinary eccentricities that grace the holiday tables of many every year. Behold, the top 10 most unusual Thanksgiving dishes, a curious blend of vintage delights to outlandish oddities. If you are still deciding on your holiday menu, these dishes might spark creativity and push you out of your culinary comfort zone.


1.     Frog Eye Salad: Despite its name, this curious concoction has no amphibious origins. Instead, it's a delightful mix of tiny pasta pearls, pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges, and marshmallows, all enveloped in a creamy, custard-like dressing. It’s a quirky salad that adds a burst of color and texture to the feast.

2.     Jello Salad (all various forms): Ah, Jello salads, the epitome of vintage charm. From lime-green salads studded with shredded carrots to ruby-red wonders filled with suspended fruits, Jello salads in all their wobbly glory have a special place at the Thanksgiving table, offering a refreshing and slightly surreal experience.

3.     Succotash Surprise: Corn and lima beans join forces in this classic Southern dish, creating a medley of flavors and textures. Often accompanied by onions, bell peppers, sauteed in butter, and a touch of seasoning, succotash adds a hearty and wholesome touch to the Thanksgiving spread.

4.     Pickled Cabbage Delight: Tangy and crisp, pickled cabbage offers a zesty alternative to traditional greens. It may seem strange, but its vibrant purple hue and pickled perfection make it a striking addition to the feast, bringing a burst of acidity to balance out the richness of other dishes.

5.     Candied Yams Bliss: Yams, glazed with butter, brown sugar, and a hint of cinnamon, transform into a sticky-sweet indulgence that graces the Thanksgiving table. Topped with marshmallows and baked to perfection, candied yams add a sweet and gooey decadence to the meal.

6.     Mincemeat Pies: A relic from centuries past, mincemeat pies once contained actual minced meat. Today, they feature a mix of dried fruits, spices, and sometimes a splash of brandy, encased in a flaky pastry. These petite pies are a delightful blend of sweet and spicy, evoking a sense of nostalgia with every bite.

7.     Creamy Green Bean Casserole: A comforting classic, this casserole marries tender green beans with a luscious blend of mushroom soup, crispy fried onions, and a sprinkle of love. Creamy and savory, it's a side dish that has stood the test of time, earning its spot on the Thanksgiving table.

8.     Bologna Cake: Imagine layers of bologna, cream cheese, and sandwich spread, stacked like a cake and garnished with olives and parsley. Bologna cake, an unexpected savory delight brings an unconventional surprise to the Thanksgiving feast.

9.     Aspic Adventure: Aspic, another gelatin concoction made popular in the 1930’s depression ear, is a chilled, savory jelly made from meat or fish stock, that might seem like an acquired taste. Often featuring suspended vegetables, meats, or seafood, aspic showcases culinary creativity in a gelatinous form. A daring addition to the Thanksgiving menu, it sparks curiosity and intrigue among adventurous diners.

10.  Warm Dr. Pepper Delight: Warm Dr. Pepper, infused with a hint of lemon, offers a surprising twist to the classic soda. Served steaming hot, it becomes a comforting beverage that warms both the body and the soul, making it a delightful addition to the Thanksgiving festivities.


Top Thanksgiving Wines


Elevate your Thanksgiving feast with a selection of wines that harmonize beautifully with the diverse flavors of the holiday table. Whether or not you choose to take a daring leap this holiday with one of the unique dishes above, we’ve got your wine pairings covered.

1.     Sparkling Rosé - Start the festivities with a glass of effervescent and lively sparkling wine, offering a celebratory touch that pairs splendidly with appetizers and festive starters.

2.     Pinot Noir – For the main course, Pinot Noir steps in as the quintessential companion, effortlessly complementing the succulent turkey and the tangy cranberry sauce with its red fruit notes.

3.     Cabernet Franc – For those who love a big bold Cabernet Sauvignon you’ll rejoice with this lighter and savory alternative. Cabernet Franc emerges as the unsung hero, this wine plays well with poultry and all the traditional Thanksgiving flavors plus its lively character adds a delightful depth to the meal.

4.     Chardonnay  - There’s a reason this varietal is so popular. Loyal fans and enthusiasts will appreciate its buttery richness alongside rich dishes and all the creamy sides.

5.     Pinot Gris – This white wine presents a lovely alternative to Chardonnay, boasting a crisp profile that cuts through the richness of various dishes.

6.     Still Rosé – This is an incredibly versatile choice, that pairs beautifully with everything from appetizers to desserts, but goes especially well with turkey.  Hopefully you heeded our suggestion earlier this year and stashed a few bottles from your summer wine collection to grace your Thanksgiving table this year.

Cheers to a harmonious blend of flavors and a memorable feast!

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