Andrea Anderson Artist Reception
Sunday, Jun 24, 2018

Chimney Rock Winery

Andrea Anderson Artist Reception


Join us for a complimentary, intimate viewing of Andrea Anderson's masterpieces while enjoying light bites served alongside a special selection of Chimney Rock wines.

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Andrea tells the heartfelt story of the recent Northern California wildfires through her collection titled, "Northern California: A Love Letter." After losing her home, along with over twenty years of art, Andrea created this collection to honor what was lost. "Still raw, I set out to paint my emotions, to show the trauma of the fire, to show the destruction of those things that sit deep in my heart. But dark and dreary is not in my nature, so what came out of this process – this new series – are works that honor the things, places and a lifestyle that are no longer with me... There’s a story here, and it is my hope that the viewer can piece it together in their own way." - Andrea Anderson

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