CellarPassTV with Kevin Webber of Carboy Wines & John Climaco of CNS Pharma
Monday, May 18, 2020


CellarPassTV with Kevin Webber of Carboy Wines & John Climaco of CNS Pharma

San Francisco,CA

Join us for CellarPass TV, broadcasting Monday & Thursday from 6PM - 7PM Pacific. In this episode, we get to speak with two amazing people that are super-serial entrepreneurs and have no fear of heights. Grab some bottles of Carboy Wines and tune in!

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We are jumping for joy that we get a chance to chat with two amazing, energetic serial entrepreneurs in this hour-long episode of CellarPassTV.

We've known John Climaco for nearly 25 years, back in the days when he was trekking through undiscovered parts of Nepal which have not witnessed a human's footsteps in centuries. It's why we find it so fitting to pair Mr. Climaco up with Kevin Webber of Carboy Wines who's also an accomplished mountain climber, entrepreneur and adrenaline junkie.

So if you ever thought of climbing Mt. Everest or starting your own pharmaceutical company, an energy bar company or a wine brand, this is the ultimate CellarPassTV episode for you. And the best way to enjoy this episode is to order some Carboy Wines and sip right along with us as you'll be able to join the conversation, live on CellarPassTV!

John Climaco, Accomplished Mountain Climber, Adventure-seeker and CEO

John M. Climaco, JD is the CEO of CNS Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a company engaged in the research and development of new treatments for malignancies of the brain and central nervous system. The Company's lead candidate is Berubicin, an anthracycline developed at the prestigious University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the largest cancer research and treatment center in the world. A seasoned entrepreneur, executive, attorney and director, Mr. Climaco has a distinctive record of business successes and more than 15 years of experience managing the operations, strategies and finances of public and private companies.

Kevin Webber, Owner/Co-Founder at Fourpoints® Slow-Burn Energy Bar

If you ever get a chance to meet Kevin person, you'll already know he's a highly-energetic, innovative and goal-oriented professional with strong knowledge of building brands.

He's a serial entrepreneur at heart and always looking to get involved in new and exciting businesses, especially when it comes to the action sports industry where he can combine his love of extreme sports with his kinesiology and sales backgrounds. He also a certified Sommelier, Director of Sales & Business Development at Carboy Wines and is a strong advocate for the Colorado wine industry (yes Colorado) which we'll get to learn more during our live broadcast.

Christopher Sawyer, Globetrotting Sommelier
Christopher Sawyer is an internationally-renowned sommelier, wine educator, journalist, consultant, critic and public speaker: He travels the world following trends in wine and participating as a VIP judge in the world’s top wine competitions, and has been featured in a wide range of national media, including USAToday, MSN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Redbook, The Hollywood Reporter, Maxim, National Geographic Traveler, CNN and Esquire. You can learn more about Chris' world travels as an award-winning Sommelier on his website.

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