CellarPassTV with Matt Albee of Eleven Winery
Thursday, Feb 4, 2021


CellarPassTV with Matt Albee of Eleven Winery

San Francisco,CA

Join us for CellarPass TV, broadcasting Thursday from 6PM - 7PM Pacific. In this episode, we'll get an exclusive interview with Matt Albee founder and winemaker at Eleven Winery and Somm Christopher Sawyer.

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Join us for CellarPass TV featuring Eleven Winery

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Matt Albee, Eleven Winery

Winemaker and Founder. Scientist. Chef. Bike racing fanatic. All of these words describe our founder and Wino-in-Chief. It may seem unlikely, but winemaking brings aspects of all of these things together. Making great wine requires careful study, meticulous preparation, and long hours of hard work (not to mention many hours behind the wheel traveling to far-flung locations). Matt's deep experience in the lab, the kitchen, and on the road prepared him well for the day that he first wandered into the cellar, and emerged changed. For Matt, winemaking encompasses all that is important in life: respect for the earth, hard work and careful study, sharing experiences with friends and family, and at the end of the day, enjoying a delicious meal with a great glass of wine.

Christopher Sawyer

An internationally-renowned sommelier, wine educator, journalist, consultant, critic and public speaker: He travels the world following trends in wine and participating as a VIP judge in the world’s top wine competitions, and has been featured in a wide range of national media, including USAToday, MSN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Redbook, The Hollywood Reporter, Maxim, National Geographic Traveler, CNN and Esquire.

Featured Wines


2019 Eleven Viognier Yakima Valley

Fermented with the skins, red-wine style, this Viognier has the texture, tannin and depth that you typically find in red wines. This rarely-lade style of white wine is known as "orange wine", named for the unusual color is imparts, ranging from pale to bright orange. Floral & lush

2019 Eleven Mourvedre

Our lightest red showcases the versatility of Mourvedre. Early harvest and short maceration give rise to an unexpected Beaujolais-esque treat. Fruity/light-bodied

2019 Eleven LEM

Lem is a bright, beautiful jewel stuffed into a burlap sack of a name, but we have unwrapped it for you and we hold it up to the light for all to see and revel in its beauty. What goes with Lem....Burgers!

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