Mushroom Feast Dinner!
Saturday, Apr 21, 2018

Keller Estate

Mushroom Feast Dinner!


Come enjoy a 6 course event focused on gorgeous truffles, paired with Keller Estate wines prepared by none other than the Mushroom King of Sonoma County!

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Mushrooms are a magical fungus that are packed with minerals and vitamins and let’s face it, are always super delicious.  Many of us may suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency and did you know that mushrooms are the only natural food source packed with it?!  Truly amazing, I know. 
So with this new profound mushroom knowledge, we invite you to our annual Mushroom Feast Dinner!  This ticket price includes a 6 course adventure into the world of truffles, from appetizer to dessert, showcasing all the majesty that the truffle has to offer the culinary world.  All the while being paired with our gorgeous estate wines.  Our Estate grown Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir's are the perfect accompaniment to anything richly laden with these beautiful little fungi. 
So please join us for an exquisite culinary adventure prepared by the one and only Mushroom King of Sonoma County!  It will be an event your taste buds will surely thank you for!

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