Soul Journey Retreat
Sunday, Oct 17, 2021

The Meritage Resort and Spa

Soul Journey Retreat


Spa Terra, our premier Napa, CA spa, is pleased to announce special sessions on wellness, self-care and education to help nurture a happy and healthier lifestyle.

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In our continued commitment to our guests’ health and wellbeing experiences at The Meritage Resort and Spa, we are excited to announce our monthly wellness retreats, offering practical and educational experiences which include workshops, movement, relaxation, and the opportunity to reduce stress, increase vitality and engage with our community of healers, teachers and practitioners.

Soul medicine is a therapeutic process that helps restore health to the mind and body by liberating the wounds within our soul that are derived from the toxic energies of guilt, shame, fear and unworthiness.  By gaining access to the sacred medicine of love and compassion we are able to experience deep healing from the inside out.

Kundalini Yoga helps to wake up our spiritual power (Shakti) which allows us to blaze a trail of self-referral and independence. It’s from there that we can truly continue our journey of enlivening our energy centers, fortifying our immune systems and break the cycle of imbalances.

Meet us in the Estate Cave for this retreat that includes:

Soul Medicine Meditation
Kundalini Yoga
Drum Ceremony

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