Sparkling Wine Exposed
Saturday, Aug 9, 2014

J Vineyards & Winery

Sparkling Wine Exposed


For those who have heard the word "dosage" and always wondered what it meant. J is hosting a seminar for guests to learn about the art and science of making sparkling wine.

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Making méthode Champenoise sparkling wine is a grand, multi-year event, involving two fermentations (one in the bottle), aging, disgorging and the last stage, dosage. As a final artistic gesture, dosage takes place when we add a small amount of a mixture made from sugar and reserve wine. The sweetness of the dosage is what gives J’s sparkling wines their designation of Extra Brut and Brut.

In our Sparkling Wine Exposed Seminar, guests will taste a variety of dosage levels and experience the difference a few milligrams can make to the final wine. They will learn their favorite sweetness levels and become versed in the different styles of sparkling wines available. Wine Educator Lindsey Auchter and J Associate Winemaker Scott Anderson will be leading the exploration, which presents seven finished and unfinished wines with different sweetness levels and how each makes J’s sparkling wines unique.

Limited seating available and tickets are $50 per person. Seminars will be held outside on the terrace, weather permitting from noon to 2 PM.

Sales tax is included in ticket price.

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