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AvinoDos Wines
Napa, CA

AvinoDos is about new beginnings. It’s about the hopes and dreams of two farm kids from very different backgrounds but who share a common, simple bond to family and foundations in agriculture.

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Friendship forms the foundation of AvinoDos, friendship that started over good wine. Our founders, Dan Dexter and Lorin Brambila, enjoy everything about wine, from working the earth to labeling bottles. But mostly they enjoy sharing wine with friends. That’s the fun part.

When they seized the entrepreneurial spirit of the West and launched AvinoDos, two things became immediately clear: First, they needed to make good wine that was true to the essence of Napa Valley. For that, they turned to Lorin’s father, Gustavo Brambila, an accomplished winemaker who helped write some of the rich history of Napa Valley. Second, they wanted to create a winery that embodied the friendship that helped launch it. A winery where you can relax and experience wine, regardless of how much or how little you know about it.

So, they created a winery that invites you to do more than just taste the Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc. You’re invited to share the experiences and connect with the people who make it happen. You’re invited to join our wine club, where you can enjoy catered dinners, special offers and other events. You’re invited to enjoy small, personal wine tours where you can taste wine still aging in the barrel. Come at the right time and you might be invited to pick grapes in the fields or roll up your sleeves and crush grapes to make wine.

When you experience these things for yourself, you’ll understand what inspired Lorin and Dan to uncork their ambitions and launch AvinoDos, or “wine from two.” Maybe you’ll even catch the entrepreneurial spirit. Hopefully you’ll gain a greater appreciation for wine – and make a few new friends.

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