Frequently asked questions

Have a question about your reservation or need to change it? CellarPass provides a convenient way to book reschedule or cancel your reservations online.


Why should I book a reservation?

Many of our partners have very limited space due to local permitting laws. CellarPass was invented to not only help you discover new destinations and live experiences, but for our partner destinations it’s been a great solution for a very common problem, making it easy to schedule your visit or purchase tickets to attend their events 24/7/365.

So to make sure one of our destination partners can welcome you properly, make a reservation or purchase a ticket to one of their upcoming events. The service is easy to use, there’s no membership fee to worry about and you change and cancel your reservation based on their individual cancellation policies- these will be provided to you prior to booking and in your confirmation email.

How can I change or cancel my reservation?

When plans change, CellarPass allows a convenient way to make changes. We all know that plans can change, morning, noon or night. And we wanted to make it easy to change just as it was to book. Since each reservation has different cancellation policies, we recommend that you log into your CellarPass My Account and review your options.

If there’s any doubt or further questions, contact the destination partners directly as they will be happy to assist with your requests.

When in doubt, call the destination partners regarding changing or cancelling your reservation. The proper contact information will be found in your Confirmation email.
Can I earn points when I book a reservation?

When you arrive for your reservation, make sure they check you in. That’s right, you can earn points that go towards your booked experiences. Simply book your reservations on, get checked in, and you’ll earn 1000pts. When you reach 20 check-ins, you can then request a $20.00 check good towards your next CellarPass booking. Check your status

Getting paid to book reservations and drink wine sounds like a dream job even to us!
Why is a credit card required to book a reservation?

Our properties go to great lengths to prepare for your arrival and just like many other services, they want to make sure that you’ll arrive- and on time. There’s so many times where our team has seen beautiful private events prepared, rare library wines were opened, the cheese selection was prepared the winemaker was seated, only to hear that the guests never showed. Doh!

If your plans change, we recommend that you immediately contact the destination partner or log into your CellarPass account to reschedule or cancel your reservation.
Why can't I book back-to-back reservations?

We never recommend conquering wine country by telling all your friends that you went to a dozen destination partners or so- this isn’t the county fair. There’s plenty of other things to do in wine country than hop from one tasting room to another. Soak in the natural beauty, enjoy the local cuisine and by all means-R-E-L-A-X this is a vacation!

Even if your next destination is “next door” we recommend that you take a moment to relax and enjoy your experience.
Can I call CellarPass about my reservation?

Have a question about your reservation? Get instant answers with our Live Chat. We know questions will come up- you are excited to visit wine country, whether this is your 1st time or 100th, right? Our Live Chat is available to answer any questions regarding your reservations or if you need some recommendations.

Our Live Chat hours are Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5pm (Pacific).


Contacting the Event Host

In cases where you have questions about an event, no matter if you plan on purchasing or have already purchased tickets or a passport should be directed to the Event Organizer or Event Host. This information is readily available on the Event details page.

Simply locate the event on our website, click the “Contact Organized" button to the right. From the pop-up window, click “contact the event organizer”.

We're sorry, but CellarPass staff cannot answer any questions beyond the information that is available to you by reviewing the Event details page, nor are we authorized to share promo codes, access codes or discounts

Where Are My Tickets?

If you purchased tickets using CellarPass, your order and tickets can be found in the My Account area of our website. Locate the Tickets section, then locate your order under the Purchases area. Clicking View Order will show you the ticket(s). If you selected Self Print as your delivery method, you can click Print Tickets to print your tickets at home.

If someone purchased a ticket and transferred it to you, you will also find these in the My Account area of our website. Locate the Tickets section, then Tickets (as Ticketholder). If Self Print was selected when your ticket was registered, you may click Print Tickets to print your tickets at home to bring with you to the event.

Can I Transfer My Ticket to Someone Else?

Each Event Organizer has their own rules when it comes to transferring your ticket to another attendee. Therefore it is best to contact the organizer to understand their unique event policies.

Can I Cancel My Ticket or Get a Refund?

Each Event Organizer has their own rules when it comes to cancelling your purchase. Therefore it is best to contact the organizer to better understand their unique event policies. CellarPass support is not authorized to make any changes to purchases, or issue refunds.

Guest Account

Account Lock Out

If you entered your email address incorrectly more than three times, our system will automatically lock out your account for 30 minutes.

You will not be able to book reservations or log into your account during this time. Once the 30-minute lockout period has expired, you can attempt to reset your password and your account will automatically unlocked.

Please do not contact CellarPass support as they will not be able to unlock your account.