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CellarPass' Commitment to Access to All

Updated over a week ago

CellarPass regularly checks our entire platform to ensure we meet the latest requirements and web standards.

We do our best to make sure our entire platform is accessible by all guests and users. We regularly run web and accessibility compliance audits when we make changes to our platform and use 3rd party services to check our work.

We also run scheduled audits monthly to ensure our checkout and other consumer touch points are ADA accessible. Should you find a case or receive a reported issue, you can report these immediately to our development team. And when doing so, it's important to only report issues that are specifically related to our platform, not a page that is hosted by one of our properties as those issues should be reported directly to their webmaster.

We recommend running your own audits once you've installed the CellarPass widget on your website. There's many helpful tools, paid-services and free browser extensions you can use to check your website and quickly identify issues.