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Creating a Curbside Pickup Delivery Schedule

Updated over a week ago

This article covers how you can create a curbside delivery reservation schedule.

Offer the convenience of allowing your customers to schedule their order pick up time, right online!

Here's the suggested steps to creating your own curbside pickup schedule. See Example

Creating a Custom Confirmation Email
We recommend creating a custom confirmation email to be sent to the guest when they schedule their appointment. This could include special directions or instructions as where to go when they arrive on property.

  1. Log into the CellarPass admin panel by going to https://www.cellarpass.com/manage
  2. Click Content.
  3. Click Email Messages.
  4. Locate a RSVP Confirmation Template you wish to make a copy of as your base template.
  5. Click Edit, then select Copy.
  6. Doing so will make a copy of the RSVP Confirmation template you selected.
  7. Enter a Template Name that will be obvious to select later.
  8. Make all the changes to customize the template. Be sure to include any special instructions for where to go when they arrive on property.

Creating the Customer Pickup Schedule
Our next step is to create the reservation schedule.

  1. Log into the CellarPass admin panel by going to https://www.cellarpass.com/manage
  2. Click Reservations.
  3. Click Create & Manage.
  4. Click New Event.
  5. Complete the standard steps to create a new event.
  6. If you have currently create a Holiday Closure that falls within this schedule, checking Ignore Holidays will bypass all Holiday rules.
  7. If this is a temporary service you are offering, be sure to set your Event Start Date and Event End Date to fit your schedule. If not, leave the End Date blank.
  8. In the Event Description recommend making it very clear in your description whether you will be able to offer tasting or quick tour. We also recommend adding language to suggest the customer add their Order Number to the Guests Notes when they book.
  9. Select Customer Pickup as the Event Type.
  10. From the Email Confirmation Template dropdown, select the Confirmation Template that you created for this experience.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Click the Schedule 
  13. Enter your proposed pickup schedule. We recommend offer 2 pickup times per hour.
  14. Set the min, group size and max capacities all to 1
  15. Be sure to set a quantity of guests you'll allow to be placed on a wait list just in case you have some last-minute cancellations.
  16. Click Save.
  17. Last but not least, write down the EventID number. This will be displayed in the browser URL such as 19372

Give it a Test Drive
Once you have confirmed everything is setup and ready to go live with, we recommend booking as if a customer would. Here's how to test it.

  1. Go to your provide page and click on one of your experiences listed below your short description.
  2. This will open a new small window with the experience selected.
  3. In your browser's URL address, change the EventID displayed to the one you documented in Step 14 above.
  4. Document this URL as you will need this later to share with your customers.
  5. Hit the Enter key and the page will reload, showing your new customer pickup schedule.
  6. Check different dates, making sure that the availability is correct.

Share the New Feature
Now that you have tested everything and you are happy with the results, it's time to share the new customer service feature with your loyal fans and out on your social media channels.

Use the URL that you documented above as this will to distribute through emails as well.

Happy Booking!