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Facebook Pixel Integration

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Take your CellarPass subscription to a whole new level by integration your Facebook Ad Campaigns Ad Pixel

Embedding Your Facebook Pixel on CellarPass
Please note that this feature is available to Professional, Table Pro and Enterprise Subscription Plans.


Facebook supports only one Pixel per Facebook Business Page, so be sure to create this correctly the first time.

To learn more about how to get started using the Facebook Pixel, read this article first.


CellarPass supports only ONE pixel per Member, so be sure to select the correct one in your Facebook account. Once connected properly, BOTH Reservations and Ticket Sales will be reported to your Facebook account..


Enabling the Facebook Pixel on CellarPass
Please note that you must have Admin-level access to make these changes. Adding your Pixel Code will automatically update the following pages related to your account:

1. Member Profile Page

2. Reservations Checkout

3. Ticketed Event Listing Pages

4. Ticketed Event Details Page

5. Ticketed Event Checkout

Configuring the Facebook Pixel

1. Confirm that your account is an Enterprise-level subscription. After logging into the CellarPass backoffice, your level of subscription will be noted in the bottom left navigation pane.

2. Log into your Facebook business page and follow the instructions on generating your Facebook Pixel. We recommend using the pixel to track purchases.

3. In CellarPass backoffice, go to Settings, Member Configuration.

4. Copy the line of code from your Facebook Pixel and paste it into the Facebook Pixel section located in the Member Configuration area.

5. Click "Save" to update your configuration.

6. Lastly, follow the instructions outlined by Facebook to test that your Pixel is being populated. You may have to wait 15-20 minutes after generating your Facebook Pixel for all of Facebook's servers to be updated. So we recommend waiting a bit before immediately testing a brand-new Facebook Pixel.