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How do I confirm my ticket purchase went through?

Updated over a week ago

This article walks you through the simple steps of confirming your order.

We totally get it, you had a moment, bought tickets and now you totally forget what tickets you purchased and for what event, right?

No big deal. To locate your ticket purchase, just log onto CellarPass.com. Then click the My Account link found in the top, right-hand corner of our website. Log into our website, which will then redirect you to the My Account dashboard. This will have a few different buttons, locate the Tickets button. Clicking this will show you a list of all your purchases. Scroll down until you locate the purchase, then you'll see if you chose Self Print, Will Call or the tickets will be shipped to you during checkout. Clicking on the order will give you additional details.

If you didn't purchase enough tickets, now's the time to get the others that you need before the event sells out. Locate the event on CellarPass and follow the checkout steps.

If you purchased too many tickets, depending on the refund policy, you'll have to determine your options. You can pass them to friends or if a refund is available to you, you'll need to contact the event organizer directly.

To do so, locate the event on CellarPass and follow the steps to contacting the event organizer. Please do not contact CellarPass as we cannot assist you with refunds.