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I'm a hospitality professional, can I book on behalf of my guests?

Updated over a week ago

Yes, and we’ll reward you for it!

Just like guests, hospitality professionals (concierges, drivers, hotelliers, etc.) don’t have a lot of free time to plan and make reservations. Hospitality folks like you can book directly on CellarPass.com or through the destination partner’s website, add their personal notes about your guest and even get recognized for placing the reservation. Just be sure to request to have your account upgraded, or sign up for a Concierge user account. It's free and easy!

CellarPass Reward Points
To encourage hospitality professionals to use CellarPass, when you place a reservation on CellarPass.com, you will earn 100 points which can be used to purchase items in our Reward Points Marketplace.

You will receive an invitation to the CellarPass marketplace as soon as you’ve placed your 10th qualified reservation through CellarPass.com.