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Importing Reservations from OpenTable

Updated over a week ago

This article covers the steps required to import Reservations previously booked in OpenTable into CellarPass.

CellarPass makes it easy to move all your existing Reservations booked previously in OpenTable and import them into CellarPass. To complete this process, there's a couple of steps you need to complete prior to importing the Reservation history.

Preparing for Reservation History Import

  1. Complete all of your CellarPass training
  2. Build your entire schedule. If you have changed schedules and no longer have the Events that were previously used in OpenTable, you will still need to create those Events in CellarPass. We recommend that you mark those as Private so that Guests don't accidentally get booked into them. Once you have imported the Reservations, you can deactivate the Events.

Preparing the Reservation Import File

  1.  Each Event you build in CellarPass, will have a unique EventID which is necessary to assign in the Reservation import sheet. Download Sample Format so that you can document these EventIDs as you build them.
    1.  You can locate the CellarPass EventID in two ways.
      1. Edit the Reservation-based Event. In the URL displayed in the browser, it will be the last numeric value.
      2. In the Event Calendar, double-click the Event. This will display the modal window and the EventID will be displayed in the bottom left corner.
  2. Export your Reservation history from OpenTable
  3. Copy the data from the OpenTable document and paste it into the CellarPass Reservation Import document.
  4. You will need to move the data from each of the columns in the OpenTable format into the CellarPass column format, keeping the column name (header row) name intact.
    1. You will notice that the sample file has comments on each sample data point. Clicking on this will provide you further insight as to what data is expected, and what format for each field.
  5. Once you have filled out your Reservation import document, verified the information is correct, be sure to save it.
  6. Go to http://www.cellarpass.com/support and submit a support ticket with the file attached and include which property/account this is for.
  7. A technical support representative will review the file and provide feedback if corrections are needed
  8. Once the file has confirmed as ready for import, they will schedule the date and time the file will be imported.
  9. When the import is completed, the support ticket will be updated. You will then be asked to review the data.

More details regarding Importing Reservations can be found in this article.